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What is SamPWND BL Unlocking Service?

SamPWND BL Unlocking Service is a service that is used to unlock the bootloader on Samsung USA/CAN model devices. Devices released in 2019 to recent are eligible to be unlocked. Samsung has implemented some security measures on newer firmware however that might block the ability to unlock your bootloader.

What is the process?

Currently the process is simple. You will go to the purchase page and fill out the form. The form will ask you some questions and has brief instuctions for each question on how to obtain your specific information. Once you complete the form, if it allows you to purcahse then your device is unlockable. If it doesn't allow you to purchase, then unfortunately that means your device is not currently able to be unlocked. Once you submit payment, it takes 1-2 business days (or longer around holidays or if life happens etc.) for me to get your token. I will typically then provide you with the token and instructions on how to flash it or I will unlock your device remotely if needed which typically will be using USB Redirector Technician Edition.

What devices are eligible?

Typically any device that is released from 2019 and newer. Samsung has recently had some updates for some models that block the ability to unlock. Currently rev2 firmware on N20 and S21 are not unlockable. Most common devices being unlocked are S10, N10, S20, N20 U/U1/W models.

What is the DID?

The DID is typically a 16 character string that usually starts with a 2030 or 2004. You can get it via using ADB and the following command: adb shell getprop ro.boot.em.did You can also verify it in Download Mode. What the DID IS NOT: - It is NOT your IMEI. - It is NOT your Phone Number - It is NOT your SIM Card Number. - It is NOT your Android Device ID. - It is NOT your Serial Number. - It is NOT any other random number you can find. DID is device specific and needs to be 100% accurate for the unlock to work.


Typically, refunds will not be provided. The form should filter out those that cannot be unlocked as well as indicates the refund policy and other policies at which you agree to when processing your payment. That said, refunds might be considered if you request it prior to me sending DID to my source to obtain your token. If you change your mind then typically I won't be able to refund it unless I haven't got your token yet then I might consider refunding. If there is an error on my part then I will refund the payment if necessary. Essentially, refunds are at my discrestion.

How long does it take?

Typically 1-2 business days (not counting weekends) is the timeframe. Holidays also do not count. This is how long it takes for the payment to be paid out to my bank account so that I can then pay the source for your token. It could potentially take longer than that. Please be patient with me and reach out before anything as I might have your token already and just haven't got around to notifying you or might be possible I forgot. I am only one person with a little bit of help from one other person here and there so if I get backed up then it might be delayed a bit.

Samsung Updates

Recently Samsung started updating devices to OneUI 3.1 and some devices have incremented bootloaders and are not able to downgrade. If this is the case, then it is likely you can't unlock at the moment. Essentially the following applies currently: S21 on Rev2 - Not Unlockable S21 on Rev1 - Unlockable N20 on Rev2 - Not Unlockable N20 on Rev1 - Unlockable S20 on Rev1 - So far hasn't been updated to rev2 yet so is unlockable S20 FE 5G on Rev2 or Rev3 - Not Unlockable Any devices that are on OneUI 3.1 and can flash an older firmware with OneUI 3.0 or lower then you need to flash OneUI 3.0 firmware prior to unlocking the device or you might have issues with the unlock not working. It is common sense with Samsung devices if you cherish root and having an unlocked bootloader then I would suggest not to blindly accept updates. There is typically a safe way to update which you can find in Telegram chats and/or XDA at times etc. When you fill out the form and answer it correctly based on what your device is showing then it will only allow you to make a payment if your device is unlockable. If you never see a option to make a payment then your device is not unlockable.