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What is the process?

1. Read all the info available and determine if unlocking is still something you want to do!

2. Obtain your device Model and DID.

3. Head to the shop and purchase the unlock for your device!

4. After you purchase, you will be taken to the contact page at which you can fill it out. Ensure to include your Telegram and/or Discord username for us to easily find and contact you.

5. When ready to unlock we will reach out to you and begin the unlock process!

What are the payment options?

1. The preferred method is via Transferwise. This is a bit more involved and you would need to message me in order to get my Transferwise info. This is typically the quicker way.

2. Through the "Shop" page. It is using Stripe as the payment provider so depending on other factors paying this way comes with at least a 2 day wait period (not counting holidays and weekends) for payments to be paid out to my bank account before we can proceed with the unlock!

What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds. This service is device specific so once an unlock is requested and paid for there is no way of refunding the money. This is why I suggest you are 100% sure you want to take advantage of this service before making a payment. Also, if you provide the incorrect DID then no refund is provided and you will need to make another payment with the correct DID to get unlocked so be sure information is also accurate when requesting an unlock!

Device DID?

The device specific DID is necessary to provide when requesting an unlock. The device DID is visible when entering download mode. The most efficient way to get the correct DID is via ADB:

adb shell getprop ro.boot.em.did

Or from Android Terminal app:

getprop ro.boot.em.did

Once you do this you can confirm what you have is the same as it appears in download mode!

Why provide unlocks?

USA carriers have been locking the bootloaders for a few years now. This is the first of it's kind option to unlock the bootloader on devices that otherwise would not be unlockable. 

It also will hopefully drive development if we get enough people to unlock their devices.

Also, purchasing unlockable variants such as Exynos models or China/HK models do not have the same network compatibility/features as the locked USA models such as 5G connectivity so why not unlock your BL AND have all the bells and whistles?


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