This service will unlock the bootloader

We assume you have a basic knowledge/understanding of what it means to have an unlocked bootloader prior to purchasing this service and if not then we suggest you do further research before making the decision to unlock your bootloader!




Refund Policy:

Refunds are typically not provided unless you meet one or more of the following criteria:

A) You request a refund prior to us submitting the unlock request to our source.
- Typically we will submit to source within 24hrs so if you change your mind try to notify us right away. After you purchase the unlock through our website it will typically take 1-2 days for the payout to our bank account and that is when we will be submitting to our source for the unlock.

B) If for some reason we are not able to unlock your bootloader and is NOT a result of error on your part then we will refund the money to you.
- This is usually only if we have an issue with our servers or something else comes up that is preventing us from unlocking your device and the cause is a result on our end.
- If you for example provide us with the wrong DID, this is NOT an error on our part and is on your end so a refund is not given in this circumstance.

C) Some unique situations might occur which we will handle on a as is basis. Typically after money is paid out to our bank account and we submit the request for the unlock with our source the money is typically not refundable at this point unless there is an issue on our end at which we will begin the refund process.


This is why we cannot express more the importance of ensuring your information is accurate when submitted to us. Mainly the device DID needs to be accurate. We suggest you double and triple check this number to ensure it's accuracy. The best way to check would be to enter download mode on your device and the DID is visible from this screen.

This is a remote service so there is no shipping or digital download to be done. Due to the nature of the service and to protect the methods utilized the unlock is provided as a remote service using USB Redirector. This is in line with other similar services/websites on the internet.
Terms and Conditions:
By continuing with the purchase and the unlock process you agree that sampwnd.com or anyone affiliated is not responsible for what happens to your device before or after the unlock process has been completed. We are not liable for what you choose to do with your device and if you proceed with the unlock we are assuming you know what this means including potentially voiding your devices warranty.
Privacy Policy:
We do not share your Device DID or email or any other information you provide to us with anyone. Payments are secure and processed using (at this time) Wix Payments as a gateway and we do not see or ever know any of your payment information. The information provided to us is used either to provide the service of unlocking your device or for us to contact you directly to gain further information or for the unlock process itself and that is it.